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Video Editing: Final Cut Pro

Motion Picture Film: Super 8, 16, and 35 mm

Hand Processing: Black & White 35mm, Super 16mm, 16, Super 8, 8mm.

Special Film Effects: Aerial Image Optical Printing, Hand Colouring frame by frame, etching, bleaching, solarizing.

Optical Printing Effects: Split screen, overlay, reverse image, duplicate film, film transfer.

Titling: Credits varied from white on black to colour and Oxberry motion effects.

Photography: Event shooter, stills, digital, process B/W film, print B/W photos, mount.

Editor: Film - flatbed offline, Digital video - Final Cut Pro on/off line.

Marketing: Media Copywriter - print ads, media tour plan, media package, Logo/Poster Designer, Public Relations.

Producer: Funding, Sponsorship, production scheduling, communicator, networking.

Public Speaker: University of Central Florida on marketing, Toronto International Short Film Festival

Marketing: University of Central Florida Filmmaking/Marketing.

View Videos at Youtube:


Corperate Videos:


Beauty Sector - Jie Salon:


Product - Libre Tea - Glasses - Corporate Video Tradeshows


Libre Tea Commecial


Libre Tea Demo Video


David Dixon 20 Year Anniversary in Fashion



Creative Music Video - Dr Draw Violinist:


Corporate - Engeneering:


Health & Nature - The Living Centre:


Charity- Autisim Canada:


Concert - Platinum Blonde:


Unique Fashion Show - Celebrities & their Dogs!



We also offer private screenings of works that are not posted ie: films or private corporate videos



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