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Photography & editing for City News story video clip -

Michelle Messina Featured:

In YSL find at Thrift Shop news December 24, 2023:

680AM - City News

Lead Director & Multi-media Specialist:

Michelle Messina Featured

640am New interviewer "Michelle Messina always wanted to become a filmmaker, that is how she came up with the invention..." Nov 2020


check out recent news interview:



Michelle Messina interviewed at 640am - Re-open theatre's in Canada utilizing her patent! Int.2 Dec 2020

check out recent news interview:


"Here is a woman that commands attention and backs it up,

who deligated a team successfully and stands by her convictions against all odds." S.P. Westjet


Internal - Westjet - Be Happy Video 2019 - host & creator


LibreTea MichelleMessina film director

MichelleMessina SamGraci

Michelle Messina Directors Libre Tea Videos and recent with Sam Graci



View Michelle's 1st Film which made headlines





NOTE: join the fight against big business bullies. For six years I have upheld my trademark against Fruit of the Loom's challenge. Your support is important.

Update: I have won the case. Trade-mark Fruitful Sex approved and owned by Michelle Messina Contact: film@fruitfulsex.com

FRUITFUL SEX items available soon at www.fruitfulsex.com




Note: Press Release


Media Dates


Interview Star - Re: CN Tower considered a weapon yet sold in stores past security check August 2016

Accepted to the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival          April, 1998

Press conference    Planet Hollywood Announcement - photos     Tues. April 7, 1998

Global News         Interview + Film clips    Reporter: Elaine Loring      Tues. April 7, 1998

The Toronto Sun      Journalist: Bruce Kirkland Article: Oscar's shadow falls on Short Film Festival    Wed. April 8, 1998

MTN Movie Television Network      Host: Teri Hart Film clips        Sat. April 11, 1998

Filed "Fruitful Sex"   Trademark    April 20, 1998

Movie Television             City TV       Reporter: Lorraine Clark         Sat. May 24, 1998 7:30 p.m.

TLN   Telalatino       Host: Daniela Calandra        Extensive interview 30 mins.      Sun. May 25, 1998 12:00 p.m.

Cuit Radio 89.5        Radio Interview Interview by Rebecca    Mon. May 26, 1998 4:00 p.m.

Shaw Cable            Reporter: Phyll Martino       Extensive Feature interview 60 mins.      Fri. May 29, 1998

World Premiere                    Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival   June 1 - 7, 1998 Canadian program Attended

Sponsor: Fruit Basket             Handed out bananas at the screening              June - 1998

 Fruitopia "Coca Cola Ltd."     Free Fruitopia Martinis.      June, 1998      (Ironic considering Fruit of the Loom is affiliated with Coca Cola)  

Economist & Sun         Journalist: Julie Caspersen      Article: Fruitful Sex a cinematic feast (Front Page & two pages)  Tues. June 2, 1998

The Liberal                   Journalist: Julie Caspersen Article: Movie Has Sex A-Peel        Thurs. June 4, 1998

 US Premiere               Florida Film Festival  International Showcase       June 11- 21, 1998 Attended

* One of seven films selected internationally Attended (Universal Studios festival close & Awards)

Guest Speaker                 University of Central Florida                   June 20, 1998

Film message about Fruitful Sex in Ph.D. Mary C. Johnson class

US Film Festival            Palm Springs Film Festival  (California)     June 12-21, 1998 International program Attended

The Toronto Sun         Journalist: Micheal Clement Article: How low will loonie go?  (Interview onCanada's exchange rate.) Tues. July 28, 1998

LIFT                                        Annual Party & Screening                            Aug. 7, 1998

The Showcase Channel         Maggie Abbot affiliate with Francis Ford Coppola wants to purchase film    Nov. 6, 1998

US Film Festival                        Toas Talking Pictures Festival           April 15-19, 1999 International short animation program Attended

Albuquerque, New Mexico Film Festival April of 1999

British Columbia              Antimatter Festival                    Sept. 17-26, 1999 Attended

Monday News B.C.          "Messina enjoys fruit of her labour"      Sept. 24, 1999

City View B.C              Journalist: John Overall             Oct 1, 1999

Article                           "Movie Review - Fruitful Sex"

Lift Newsletter    "Raw Love of Animation"      Mar/Apr. 2000 Article Vol. 20 No.2

Fruitful Sex(TM)             Approved CIPO              April 10. 2000

Fruit of the Loom         Oppose Fruitful Sex trademark         July 13, 2000

(Berksire Hathway Inc. owned by Warren Buffet Puchased Fruit of the Loom Inc.on a bankruptcy deal in December of 1999 for $835 million cash)

City Pulse News        Reporter : Perer Gross Interview         Fri. April 27, 2000 6:00 p.m. news

Pulse 24 News          Reporter: Peter Gross  "Peel Away"    Fri. April 27, 2000

National Post        "Fruit of the Loom objects to  animated short Fruitful Sex"  Anne Marie Owens   July 24, 2000

Economist & Sun      "Underwear firm drops legal brief On director"   Journalist: Darlyn-Lynn Carlson    Sat. Aug. 12, 2000

CCTA                        Canadian Director of the month                   Oct. 2000

The Canadian Corporate Television Association Volume 4, Issue 2

Film Canada                Invitation for Canne Film Festival              March 13, 2001

Taiszine                       TIAS - News Frames     Publicity regarding case     March 2001 Volume 12, Issue 1

TIAS                            Film Screened                      April 25, 2001 Attended

Ed video                       Film screened outdoors Guelph, ON     June 15 & 16, 2001

Italian Film Festival          Canadian Program Bloor St. Cinema    June 17, 2001 Attended

NFB                               Film Screening                       Sun. Mar. 7, 2004 1p.m.

Opposition Hearing     CIPO   Fruit of the Loom vs. Michelle Messina Re: Fruitful Sex Trademark March 30, 2006

Fruit of the Loom withdraw opposition

Trade-mark                              Re-allowed             March 31, 2006

Fruitful Sex(TM)                         Enforced                  March 31, 2006

Fruitful Sex(TM)                         final paperwork            Sept. 8, 2006 (waiting certificate)

Toronto International Film Festival:

Global News                            Laura Zilke     Sept. 7, 2006                    Aired Sept. 8, 2006

Fashion Week NY                   All Major Shows          Sept.17-20, 2006 In Attendance

W magazine Photo by: At a media party NY in Soho

Toronto Fashion Week                 October 16-21, 2006 In Attendance












Trademark Certificate Received Thursday November 23, 2006

Celebration Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


National Post             "Legal win allows "fruitful" brand to reproduced" By: Katie Rook    Nov. 24, 2006

SooToday News        Canadian fimmaker gives Fruit of the Loom a wedgie By: Mr. Ed Nov. 24,2006

The Toronto Sun        Trademark battle fruitful for director By: Tom Godfrey       Nov. 25, 2006

Einnews                       Fruitful Victory for Messina                                   Nov. 25, 2006

Jie                                Celebrity Hairdresser fruitful makeover             Nov. 27, 2006

Rogers Cable               Interview  by: Greg                     Nov. 28, 2006

Business Examiner              Journalist: Steve Weatherbe              Nov. 30, 2006

More articles to come...stay tuned mm





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